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Professional Career Coaching

Career Transformation Unleashed: Expert Coaching

For those seeking a career pivot, we recommend 2-3 sessions.

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Are you ready for a change in your job or career but uncertain about the right path forward? Our career coaching services are here to guide you with expertise and personalized support. We’ll assist you in uncovering the perfect role(s) that align with your strengths, preferences, and passions. Together, we’ll craft a comprehensive career transition plan, ensuring a successful shift in your professional trajectory.

Our dedicated coaches will share invaluable job search strategies, empowering you to achieve your career goals. From networking guidance to effective job search tips, we’ve got you covered. If your new career aspirations involve acquiring fresh knowledge or training, we’ll review and recommend suitable educational certification options. Your growth and development are our priority.

Remember, career coaching is a journey that requires time and dedication. For those seeking a career pivot, we recommend 2-3 sessions to unlock your true potential. Get ready to embrace a fulfilling career path with our professional career coaching services. Together, we’ll make your dreams a reality.

  • Cost:
    • Single Session: $250 for a power-packed 50 minutes of expert guidance.
    • Bundle Deal: get 3 sessions for $675 — that’s $75 in savings!

Interview Preparation

Master the Interview: Ace Your Way to Success

We recommend a minimum of 2 separate sessions to conduct a preparation AND practice session. 

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Introducing our highly sought-after Interview Preparation sessions. Designed for professionals who crave confidence and seek an edge in interviews, this is typically the favored choice for many of our clients. Even if you’ve been on the other side of the table as an interviewer, a refresher can work wonders in boosting your preparedness and self-assurance.

Our dedicated coaches are here to support you every step of the way. We’ll guide you in navigating the intricacies of different interview formats, uncover the art of analyzing job postings to anticipate the questions that will come your way, and craft compelling examples for behavioral interviews, ensuring you leave a lasting impression.

To make the most of your preparation, we recommend a minimum of 2 separate sessions AND practice session.. This allows ample time for us to conduct a mock interview, equipping you with the finesse and confidence needed to shine.

  • Session 1: Preparation – Get ready to conquer any interview scenario with confidence! During this session, we’ll cover a variety of interview types, anticipated questions from job postings, tips for mastering the art of behavioral interviewing, empower self-reflection on strengths, equip you with impactful questions for employers, and provide interview preparation with actionable homework.
  • Session 2: Practice – After you have had time to complete your homework, we recommend this second session for you to role-play scenarios. Based on your job posting, an expert coach will ask targeted questions. This will provide you with immediate, real-time feedback and expert guidance that will boost your confidence, fine-tune your finesse, and unleash your full potential. Prepare for success like never before!
  • Cost:
    • Single Session: $250 for 50 minutes of interview mastery!

LinkedIn Networking & Utilization

Crack the LinkedIn Code: Master Jobseeker Tools and Optimize the Platform

We recommend 1 session.

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Don’t know where to start with LinkedIn? Our expert coaches can help you use LinkedIn to apply for jobs and showcase your expertise. This intensive training dives deep into LinkedIn, unraveling its hidden gems and empowering you to apply for jobs with ease. By the end of the training, you will know how automated resume screening works, ensuring you bypass the software and secure those coveted interviews. Clients are always shocked to learn how valuable LinkedIn can be to their short and long-term career advancement! We feel strongly that 1 session will do the trick — by the end of that session, you’ll be transformed into a LinkedIn career powerhouse!

  • Cost:
    • Single Session: $300 for 90 minutes of mastery!

Salary Negotiation

Take Control of Your Worth: Get What You Deserve!

We recommend 1 session. 

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Wrestling with the salary question? It’s time to conquer it! One of our seasoned coaches will guide you through the ins and outs of researching salaries, crafting compelling counteroffers, and handling rejection like a pro. Discover the secrets to negotiating sign-on bonuses, perks, and benefits that sweeten the deal. Even when faced with an inflexible employer, we’ll show you how to navigate the situation with finesse. Trust us, 1 session is all it takes to leave you beyond satisfied!

  • Cost:
    • Single Session: $250 for 50 minutes to transform your earnings!

Leadership Coaching

Empower Yourself to Inspire Growth, Develop Confidence, and Invigorate Your Team!

For those seeking true mastery, we recommend 2-3 sessions to refine your skills.

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This type of coaching may involve several sessions for those professionals who want to improve their leadership skills and be promoted to a higher leadership level. Begin with a discovery session, where we’ll pinpoint your unique needs and map out a tailored plan—whether that means finding a mentor, exploring training programs, or tackling specific areas of discomfort. For those seeking true mastery, we recommend 2-3 sessions to refine your skills, unlock impactful methodologies, and unleash your leadership prowess. Get ready to command the room like never before!

  • Cost:
    • Single Session: $250 for a power-packed 50 minutes of expert guidance.
    • Bundle Deal: Get 3 sessions for $675 – that’s $75 in savings!