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We offer a wide variety of resume and job search services to ensure your specific needs are met. Please review our tiers of resume writing services and select the product most appropriate to your career. If you’re unclear as to the best fit for your needs, call us at 724-832-8845 for immediate assistance. We’ll be happy to talk you through it.

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  • Young Professional Resume

    The Young Professional Resume is specially designed for recent college graduates and candidates with less than five years of job experience after college or high school. These resumes are critical for defining you as a developing professional and establishing your qualifications for advancement into roles that often help to shape your future career. If you need to be seen for who you are and what kind of professional you're becoming, this is the resume for you.

    Details: One Page Resume
    Salary Range: Less than 35K annually
    $149.00 Add to cart
  • Professional Resume

    Professional level resumes are suited for candidates with more than five years of professional work experience, a solid understanding of their current and future career goals, and a growing number of skills and accomplishments that position them either for lateral movement or an increase in salary and responsibilities.

    Details: One or Two Page Resume
    Salary Range: Less than $75K
    $229.00 Add to cart
  • Senior Resume

    Senior level resumes portray the distinctive value and leadership capabilities of professionals with more than eight years of experience. The function of this resume is to qualify candidates in growth modes as viable choices for supervisory or management positions with broad accountabilities. Most importantly, this document is designed to demonstrate upward mobility. These resumes are written for hiring managers looking for talent, loyalty, and results.

    Details: Two Page Resume
    Salary Range: $75K to $100K
    $299.00 Add to cart
  • Executive Style Resume

    You're a tenured six-figure candidate with a large body of accomplishments that need to be distilled into a concise, hard-hitting, two-page format that displays the very best aspects of your personal brand value. You're a thought leader, self-starter, and accomplishment-driven workhorse with leadership talents that place you in the elite category of management professionals. You provide the intellect, vision, strategy, and execution that propels a company to profitable success. Perfect for the classic overachiever.

    Details: Two to Three Pages
    Salary Range: $100K to $250K
    $399.00 Add to cart
  • Pinnacle Resume

    The Pinnacle Resume is a professional narrative for the C-level, Director, or Senior Executive whose career has reached unprecedented highs, and who has the salary to prove it. Perfect for the upper echelon of industry leaders with far-reaching accomplishments that influence not only your company but the world we live in. This resume is a testimonial to everything that you are and an invaluable tool when challenging yourself to become even better at what you already do best.

    Details: Two to Three Pages
    Salary Range: $250K to $1MM
    $499.00 Add to cart
  • Curricula Vitae Resume

    The Curricula Vitae is a deeper and more thorough look into your work history and includes personal information not suited for standard resumes. Overseas clients, physicians, scientists, PhDs, and certain other professionals will need this alternative format to delineate an often lengthy and impressive list of speaking engagements, studies, publications, special training, as well as a more complete career overview not restricted to your chosen field of work. Please call or email us if you need guidance determining whether a CV is a better option for you.

    Details: Three Pages to Five Pages
    Salary Range: $100K and above
    $399.00 Add to cart
  • Federal Transition: High Level

    The perfect resume for high ranking military officer including Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, Sergeant Major of the Army, Command Sergeant Major, Master Sergeant, Master Petty Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer, etc. With long-term military experience, send us your DD214's and NCO's and we will build your entire illustrious military history on paper. Looking to transition into private sector? We are the experts to help you in your journey.

    Details: Three Pages
    Salary Range: $200K and above
    $449.00 Add to cart
  • Military Transition – Enlisted

    Leaving the Military? You need a professional resume that translates your military history into business language. Gather your DD-214 and military performance reviews in anticipation of our conversation and development of your military conversion resume.

    Details: Two Pages
    Salary Range: Less than 100K
    $299.00 Add to cart
  • Federal Resume

    Your new resume will include all necessary key skills and abilities (KSA's) to help you land that government job!

    Details: Two Pages
    Salary Range: Less than 100K
    $399.00 Add to cart

Resume Updates

Just need a change or update to your existing Storeyline resume? We can help with that, too – from basic updates to a complete overhaul.