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Why our clients love us

Storeyline Resumes was founded in 2000 by Robynn Storey, PHR, a successful Human Resources Executive who developed a powerful approach to resume writing that attracted significant attention from recruiters and high-level HR professionals. As word of her talent spread, friends, family, and co-workers sought out her assistance in ever-growing numbers. She soon transitioned into full-time, professional resume writing, and established a one-woman shop renowned for individualized service and amazing results.

Today, Storeyline Resumes is a thriving boutique establishment staffed by Robynn and a small, hand-picked team of experienced resume writers. Collectively, these professionals have written more than 16,000 resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and career documents for clients all over the U.S., Europe, and Canada. In addition to being a top ranked executive level resume writer and respected career specialist, Robynn runs the #1 most searched resume writing company on LinkedIn. This is due in no small part to the word-of-mouth promotion generated by countless satisfied customers including numerous Fortune 50, 100, and 500 clientele.

Her team of six writing specialists includes a Licensed Attorney, former IBM Executive, 20+ year CPRW, and a career topics expert with a major online media provider. Each of them has been trained to blend their particular resume writing strengths with Robynn’s special techniques and strategies. Our newest arrival, Office Manager and former Recruiting Professional Anita K., offers strong knowledge of corporate America and serves as a principal business contact and project coordinator.

We write resumes for clients of every professional level. Whether you’re a seasoned executive who needs an accomplishment-driven brand statement with maximum impact or a college graduate taking your first steps toward a new career, we’re equipped to deliver you exceptional products built upon structured interviews conducted by phone with Robynn.

I highly recommend Robynn and her staff. She is efficient, intelligent and most importantly produces great products. I had been working abroad for almost 10 years and suspected I needed help updating my resume. I could not be happier with the results of Robynn’s efforts in regard to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Robynn and Storeyline Resumes if you want to present a fresh perspective in your search for “the right job”.
Billy W.Business Development, Army Programs

What YOU Need to KNOW!

Get the Insider’s View
Have you ever wondered what a recruiter or HR professional really looks for on a resume? Did you know there are “highlight” area they will always look at first? Did you know they can determine whether you stand apart from the crowd in 20 seconds or less? Best practices for resume etiquette, language, and presentation change year by year. This is an industry that evolves rapidly in line with technology, business needs, and new hiring practices. Did you know today’s resumes require a careful balance of industry keywords and phrases and engaging, unique content? Robynn knows!

As a long-time Human Resources Director, she’s interviewed and hired thousands of employees and is one of the rare resume writing professionals that offers an insider’s perspective from both sides of the fence. In the last 15 years, she’s conducted 16,000 client interviews tailored specifically to reveal their personal value and develop strong, aggressive, targeted resumes. She knows exactly what a hiring manager looks for in terms of content, presentation, and style. Accordingly, her clients typically enjoy a 300% increase in interview requests during the first month of their new job search. These facts alone set her apart from the great majority of her competitors.

Why work with Storeyline?
Because this is a people-driven industry, and it gets personal. Your career, sense of fulfillment, and financial security are of paramount importance to you and that’s why we help you create your own “brand” rather than a simple statement of job duties. Robynn’s interview process is an exclusive one-on-one session with one of the best in the business. It covers not only your work history, professional goals, and salary expectations, but also who you really are, your reputation, and what distinctive value you offer a company. A great resume is a story with only one character, and that story needs to be told better than anyone else’s. We help you stand apart rather than stand aside.

What sets us apart?
Some resume writers make the mistake of writing a resume as if it were simply a job description. To be blunt, HR Managers and Recruiters toss these papers into a ball and chuck them into the wastebasket. Why? Because you’re telling them: “I do the exact same thing every other applicant does.” They are not looking for redundancy; they want powerful, engaging, and interesting candidates that set themselves apart from the crowd by focusing on special skills, unusual talents, and documented achievements. By demonstrating success rather than inferring it, our product becomes a must-have tool in your job search arsenal. Our entire process is geared to capture your personal magic and put it to paper. Each of you has standout qualities, no matter your field of employment or how long you’ve been working within it. We’ll help you uncover them, and in the process, help you understand your true value to an employer.

More and more recruiters rely on ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to filter out candidates long before their resumes are seen by a real human being. It’s critical to solicit resume writing services from a company well-versed in the software’s functions and how to take advantage of them. Storeyline Resumes understands exactly how to insert special keywords and phrases designed to circumvent this auto-rejection system without compromising the resume’s impact or quality.