Resume Updates

  • Basic Update of Existing Storeyline Resume

    Let us update your Storeyline Resume with the most current information. Includes addition of one new job and basic updates to contact information.

  • Overhaul of Existing Storeyline Resume

    We take your old resume and make it new again! We will overhaul and/or change the focus of your Storeyline Resume to meet your requirements. Includes change of summary, change of competencies, adding on one to two jobs. All previous job descriptions remain the same.

  • Cover Letter

    A well-written, customized cover letter can open doors to better interviews.

  • Update of Existing Storeyline LinkedIn Profile

    An up-to-date presence on the web is critical to your career. We will update your LinkedIn profile with your new job(s).

  • Expedited Service:

    Your resume update, overhaul or LinkedIn profile will be delivered within 24-48 hours. (weekdays only)


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