Frequently Asked Questions

We write resumes for professionals at every level, ranging from college graduates to skilled trades, general business professionals, and executives. Robynn and her team of specialists are equipped to handle virtually any professional field of practice, including sales, business development, finance, accounting, education, health-care, legal, sports, entertainment, production, manufacturing, operations, administration, and the non-profit sector. We are especially suited to craft C-level resumes (CEO, CFO, COO, etc) and qualified in technical fields such as information technology, engineering, and mechanical. Additionally, our CV writers are knowledgeable of the needs of physicians, researchers, PhDs, and overseas customers. For clients with unusual occupations needing a touch of creativity and careful execution, we can take care of you too.

How much does your service cost?

Pricing tiers depend on your level and years of experience and are outlined in detail on the Products Page. If you are unsure which category you fall under, Anita or Robynn are manning the phones to help you determine what kind of project best fits your needs.

If I have questions, can I call you or do I have to email?

Call us at 1-877-276-1027 or send an email with your enquiries. Your business is incredibly important to us and we’ll return most calls the same business day, or the following day at the latest.

How long will it take to get my resume?

You’ll receive your proof within one week after your phone interview. Once you’re fully satisfied with your new resume, we’ll send out the finalized documents within 24 hours. We understand that everyone has a different timetable to work with and if your dream job is only accepting applicants for the next few days, let us know, and we’ll set you up with a 24 hour turnaround for a reasonable additional fee.

Is there a guarantee?

Clients recommend us because we don’t let you walk away without a smile on your face. We’ll work with you until you love what we’ve done for you.

Why should I hire you and not someone else?

Storeyline Resumes is the total package. We’re run by a former Human Resources Executive with significant recruiting experience, insider expertise with both HR and resume writing, and proven results as a top ranked executive resume writer and the #1 most viewed resume writer on LinkedIn. Our staff has 125 years of collective knowledge regarding a breadth of career fields and business disciplines, which ensures the perfect writer is always available for your specific needs. We work by telephone and email, not through bulky, time consuming forms. And we never contract our work out to under-qualified “professionals.” Everything stays in-house, and Robynn serves as the final gatekeeper for quality assurance.

Can you help me find a job?

Our resumes outperform the competition at comparable rates on a consistent basis. We get more than a few requests to fix someone else’s work. You’ll receive a customized, professional, and impactful resume but you’ll also get Robynn’s considerable insight into job search strategies. Thousands of clients have credited us for exceptional interview opportunities.

What if I need help with something after my resume is done?

Our relationship doesn’t end when you walk away with your resume. We want to hear about your job search and what success you’ve experienced. Call or email us any time with your questions or concerns. We built our reputation on being a service with longevity and easy access. Your ongoing interaction and feedback is important to perfecting the process we have in place.

I need to conduct my call after business hours, are you available?

We serve clients from all over the world and accommodate evening appointment requests as needed.